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Atomic Clock for more precision in time...

An atomic clock has been made that sets time by the teeny oscillations of the strontium atom has been made so precise that it will neither gain nor loose a second for 15 billion years.
The strontium clocks, which have precision 3 times more than previous record holder watch is having ability to reveal tiny shifts in time predicted by Einstien's theory of relativity. This theory states that time runs faster at different positions on earth.So, this precision may help scientists to map ultra detailed structure of earth.
Atomic clocks precisely works on the vibrational frequency of atoms (strontium atom or cesium atom) when atom jumps from one energy level to other. Every atom oscillates at very high frequency of about billions or trillions times /second.So, counting of these regular beats provides accuracy in time measurement.
These days, a cesium clock at NIST( National Institute of Standards and Technology) defines the second.
Strontium Clock
In the new clock thousands of strontium atoms has been pinned into shank column by intense LASER light.To measure time, the clock uses correct frequency of laser light to hit the atoms to jump the higher energy level, previously same technique was used for manufacturing precise clocks.
However at this occasion researchers developed the design by eliminating the black body radiation which was responsible for errors in time measurement by previous versions of clock.
The team has introduced shields around the device and had placed platinum thermometers inside the vacuum tube of the clock to account for the extra heat.They also improved their calculation regarding radiation produced during the process.
The new clock can also be operated at the room temperature.
Gravitational time dilation is a concept that says that time passes quickly where gravitational field is week.So, at higher altitude of earth the gravity is less hence time runs faster there, but these clocks are precise enough to read these elevations.

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