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Active Magnetic Bearing
Magnetic Bearing is the bearing used in place of conventional Ball/Radial/  Bearing. These bearings(magnetic bearing) works on the principle of levitation. So, it is used to support the load on shafts using magnetic levitation. As we know that same/like pole of magnets repel each other, so if we are able to control the position of magnets we can create a levitating atmosphere. These levitation can further be used to support the shaft without any physical contacts between them(magnetic bearing and shaft) and we will be able to get rid of frictional losses, heat loss, lubrication, etc. hence increasing the efficiency of the machine.

These bearings are of two types: passive bearings and active bearings. Passive bearings are made using permanent magnets and so do not require any power input, but it is difficult to design because of limitations given by Earnshaw . However, for modelling or to prove how magnetic bearing works, permanent magnets like ceramic(ferrite) magnets are used.

Active bearings are the one which require electromagnets to hold loads and also requires sensors to maintain the central position of shaft. As shafts starts to rotate they may deviate from center because of centrifugal forces or due to variation in direction of load on shaft, these sensors provide information regarding deviation to the main sensor box and hence it provides enough power to those magnets to again maintain the shaft position(sensors send about 15,000 information per second).
SKF Active Magnetic Bearing Model
These bearings are more reliable and can be used in places like vacuum where lubrication is not possible or places where lubrication is a problem.

These days SKF have been manufacturing these bearings. One of the machine consisting of such bearing have been installed in Spencer Turbine Company for waste water treatment. By this technology they have reduced there power consumption from 3200 kw/day to 1800 kw/day and hence saving about $200/ day, not only money but also saving electricity.

Also, by using these magnetic bearings along with magnetic coupling and magnetic gears in future we will be able to increase the efficiency of the automobiles from about 23%(these days) to 30-40%, hence reducing large amount of power consumption and increasing efficiency of automobiles leading to the new safe and sustainable use of exhausting  environment resources like petroleum products.

Passive Magnetic Bearing Model

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